Perris Valley Skydiving
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Ayres Hotel & Spa Moreno Valley Skydiving

Perris Valley Skydiving Center & School

Ayres Hotel & Spa Moreno Valley Skydiving Located 70 miles southeast of Los Angeles, Skydive Perris is the only skydiving resort center in California. Discover the West Coast's largest fleet of skydiving aircraft along with an amazing onsite indoor skydiving facility.

Moreno Valley, California Hotel Near Skydive Perris

Discover an exceptional lodging experience at Ayres Hotel & Spa Moreno Valley. Delight in luxury accommodations, personal service, and distinctive amenities at our inviting Moreno Valley, California boutique hotel. Plus, we deliver an ultra-convenient location near a wide array of attractions, such as Skydive Perris.

Perris Skydiving School.

Learn to skydive at the Perris Skydiving School, home to experienced and knowledgeable instructors. Get your feet wet via tandem skydiving, where you're harnessed to an instructor during your jump. It all begins with an introductory briefing from the instructor, followed by an aircraft ride that goes to 12,500 feet. You'll then jump from the plane securely harnessed to your instructor, freefalling for about 60 seconds. The parachute will open at 5,000 feet, allowing the two of you to float down to earth for a spectacular soft landing.

Perris Indoor Skydiving.

There's no better way to get the feel for skydiving than by experiencing the Skydive Perris indoor skydiving wind tunnel. The only skydiving wind tunnel located on a drop zone in Southern California, the 96-foot state-of-the-art facility simulates freefall, allowing beginners to become comfortable with the idea of jumping from an airplane. What's more, the wind tunnel is perfect for jumpers of all skill levels to hone their skydiving skills. Skydive Perris provides programs designed for pre-AFF skydiving students to competitive skydivers. These programs include one-on-one training, relative work and free-flying skills

Skydive Perris Fleet.

Boasting the largest turbine fleet on the West Coast, Skydive Perris is able to handle groups in a much more efficient manner, especially groups seeking to jump together as well as engage in huge formation skydives. The aircraft fleet is comprised of one Skyvan (a tailgate aircraft), two Super Twin Otters, a Super 300 Twin Otter, and a DC-9 jet. In addition, Skydive Perris is known for its generous free fall time due to its turbine-powered planes, which reach an altitude of 12,500 feet.