Laguna Beach
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Laguna Beach
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Laguna Beach California

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The second oldest city in Orange County, Laguna Beach welcomes visitors with vast expanses of the kind of breathtakingly beautiful, sandy beach that can only be found in Southern California. A relaxing year round getaway destination for surfers, art enthusiasts, nature lovers, and beachgoers, Laguna Beach offers premier shopping and dining, a variety of art galleries, and seven miles of renowned coastal beauty. Laguna Beach's renowned attractions include Crystal Cove, Laguna Beach Art Tours, Thalia Street, and the Laguna Playhouse - the oldest operating playhouse on the West Coast. So bring your family to Laguna Beach to experience the ultimate in Southern California beach culture!

Laguna Beach History

Laguna Beach has a rich history and is also widely recognized as a city where artists can find solace in the beauty of its surroundings and support in their craft. Founded in 1887 as Lagonas and later renamed Laguna Beach, this seaside city became a haven for landscape artists in the 1920's and this particular community has thrived in the encouraging atmosphere that surrounded it. This commitment to artistry gave rise to a variety of artistic endeavors that are unique to Laguna Beach. The Festival of Arts first took place in 1932 and was meant to inspire awareness and appreciation of art and local artists. The Festival of Arts then gave way to The Pageant of the Masters, an event known for its tableaux vivant or “living pictures” depicting recreations of famous works of art using real people. This particular event has become a staple of the Laguna Beach area since its inception in 1933 and plays to a sellout crowd every summer. The 1960's and early 70's saw Laguna Beach rise as the epicenter of alternative culture in Southern California, which eventually led to the founding of the Laguna College of Art & Design and the Sawdust Festival, another annual summer event. Laguna Beach continues to thrive today as a lively artist community and tourist destination.

Visit Laguna Beach

 The culturally curious, artistically inclined, and all nature nurturers will find something to astound in Laguna Beach. Whether a walk on Main Beach, a light lunch at Las Brisas, or a day perusing the various pieces of art at the Festival of Arts or the Laguna Art Museum, your Laguna Beach vacation is sure to leave a lasting impression.  Plan your trip today and complement it with a stay at Ayres Hotel Laguna Woods. This will allow you to enjoy all that Laguna Beach has to offer with an escape from the tourist crowds awaiting your return just minutes away.  Nothing says “getaway” like sun soaked beaches during the day and an Ayres Dream Sleeper bed at night!