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The Cosmos are calling: Griffith Observatory

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Crawl closer to the cosmos at Los Angeles’ Griffith Observatory, a national leader in public astronomy and one of Southern California’s top attractions. Stimulate your imagination and curiosity by immersing yourself in the universe’s wonder. Visitors have the opportunity to observe and completely submerge themselves in authentic space environments with the observatory’s one of a kind exhibits. The interactive exhibits probe questions of existence: What do we observe? How do we observe? Why is it essential?

The Observatory sits on the Southern slope of Mount Hollywood in Griffith Park, which is 1,134 feet above sea level and casts views of many parts of the vast Los Angeles basin. As it is owned and operated by the City of Los Angeles Department of Parks and Recreation, admission is free and welcomes the general public. It is one of the most popular informal education facilities in the country in addition to being the most-visited, public observatory in the world. The Griffith Observatory greets over one million guests each year alone.

As the Griffith Observatory’s goal is to treat the “visitor as observer,” the public telescope is available for viewings every evening that the sky is clear and the building is open. More people – over 7.5 million – have looked through the Observatory’s 12-inch retracting “Zeiss” telescope than through any other telescope on the planet.

Explore the Griffith Observatory’s Calendar of Events.

The Samuel Oschin Planetarium features an incredible Zeiss star projector, digital projection system, and immaculately constructed, aluminum dome, comfortable seating, and advanced, theatrical lighting. A live storyteller presents every show in the 290-seat planetarium.

The Observatory’s planetarium currently has three shows to take part in. There are showings every 60 to 80 minutes each day that the theater is open, totaling to eight shows on weekdays and ten shows on weekends:

  • Centered in the Universe: The re-opening show unravels cosmic exploration and discovery.
  • Light of the Valkyries: The 75th anniversary show journeys through the wonders of the northern lights.
  • Water Is Life: This legendary production takes visitors on the humanly instinctive search for water – and even possibly life – beyond Earth.

Griffith Observatory has an abundance of rich information and sights to discover. Come and take advantage of Los Angeles’ gem of an educational facility!

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