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How to Score Big at Your Next Tailgate

About 1 year(s) ago by Ayres Hotels

It is time to dig out your old cooler and head over to your favorite sporting event for tailgating season. Every year sports fans gather before the big game -- but few know the ins and outs of tailgating. Whether your past tailgates boasted an elaborate spread of snacks, food, and beverages or simply some cold beers from your cooler, this guide will help you properly celebrate your favorite team with your friends.

Tailgating Drinks

Of course, the most popular drink among tailgaters is beer, so you will want to stock up on some classics as well as a few specialty beers from local breweries.

For your cocktail loving friends, you can bring a portable blender to make frozen cocktails as well as a bartending kit. If this seems too complicated, you can make pre-mixed cocktails in large quantities, such as Long Island Iced Tea or Screwdrivers, and stash them in your cooler.

Lastly, it is important to stock up on plenty of water, juice, and soda for the kids and non-drinkers in your party (and for anyone who starts to overdo it on the alcoholic beverages).

Tailgating Food

While nearly all experienced tailgaters have mastered drinks, only true tailgating professionals can create an excellent spread of food. Sure, an average menu of burgers and hot dogs will satisfy your hunger, but you can also impress your friends with some pre-prepared, seasoned, and marinated foods. Think anything from a cilantro-avocado dip to lemon marinated chicken.

Tailgating Supplies

When it comes to tailgating, there are really no strict rules about what you can and cannot bring. Anything from a beer pong set up to a slip and slide is acceptable, but of course, there are more practical essentials that you will definitely want to include. For instance, you should consider bringing a pop-up tent in case of bad weather or as a means of escaping the sun’s heat. You should also bring chairs so everyone is not standing for the entire time and tables for your food set up.

With these essentials in mind, you will have a sturdy foundation of how to upgrade your next tailgating experience!
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