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Favorite Disney Rides

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Favorite Disney Rides

Disney Theme Parks are a favorite among young and old, locals and tourists. A day in the park will transport you to another time and place. There is so much to do at Disneyland and California Adventure and everyone has their favorite rides. According to fans, these are the best rides in the park. Don’t miss these fan favorites…

Top Fan Favorites


The Haunted Mansion is an old classic that is both haunting and humorous. This ghost-led tour offers a blend of whimsical characters and macabre delights.


Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is a rough and tumble ride that the whole family can enjoy. Set among the southwestern mountains, this roller coaster takes you through dark caverns, inexplicable dinosaur bones and mining camps.

Space Mountain is Tomorrowland’s most exciting adventure. This indoor, intergalactic roller coaster will thrust you into hairpin turns, sudden drops, and thrills around every corner.


Indiana Jones Adventure is both exciting and immersive. With a collapsing bridge, fire explosions and a rolling bolder, this ride places you at the center of the action.

Star Tours is an immersive ride that offers 3D effects and an up-close visit with C3PO. Jedi wannabes will enjoy experiencing the film in this exciting motion simulator.

Toy Story Midway Mania is an interactive shooter ride that allows you to play games as you take a trip through the Toy Story-themed attraction. Riders will enjoy the combination of characters, visual effects, and maybe even a little competition.


Radiator Springs Racers take racers on a leisurely trip through Radiator Springs and finishes with an exhilarating race at a zippy 40 miles per hour. This ride promises quick turns, steep banks, and high-speed dips that will get your heart pumping.

Toddler Favorites

It’s a Small World is a delightful boat ride through international cultures represented by happy-faced dolls, whimsical music, and vibrant colors.

Jungle Cruise takes you on an unpredictable boat ride through the lush landscapes of Asia, Africa and South America. This guided tour will take you on a thrilling expedition with elephants, tigers, gorillas and even headhunters.


The Little Mermaid- Ariel’s Undersea Adventure will take you to the bottom of the ocean in a clam shell car where you will see all your favorite characters and experience all the memorable tunes from the movie.

Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage transports guests into an underwater submarine adventure. This low-key underwater journey allows you to watch the story of Finding Nemo through porthole-style windows in the submarine.

Dumbo the Flying Elephant is a whimsical classic. Young and old alike will enjoy floating across the sky in their own blue flying elephant

A Bug’s Land includes several rides and attractions for little (and big) riders…take a flight in Flik’s Flyers, hop aboard Heimlich’s Chew Chew Train, and take a spin in Francis’ Ladybug Boogie.


Peter Pan’s Flight is a magical classic. Guests travel in a flying ship over the lights of London and into the enchanting land of Captain Hook, Tinkerbell and the Lost Boys.

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