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Budgeting for Christmas

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How to Budget for Christmas

Christmas comes the same time every year – and with it, the onslaught of gifts to buy, food to make, and parties to attend. Waiting until December to think about your holiday budget is a plan to overspend. Start now and discover why budgeting for Christmas in October is a smart idea.

Plan an Affordable Holiday Season

  • Make your list. Write down everyone you need gifts for, along with other holiday expenses: party food, travel, Christmas cards etc. Set a budget and divide up the amount between gifts, food, etc.
  • Check it twice. Are there any gifts you can make instead of buying? Can you give your time, energy, or talent instead? Give a card instead of a present? Can you skip any parties, or cut down on the number of desserts you serve on Christmas Eve? Cut down your list where you can.
  • Start saving now. Once you’ve determined the total amount that you’ll need for the holi-days, divide it by the number of weeks between now and then. If you plan to spend $500 at Christmas, you’ll need to save $41.66 per week starting on October 1. Wait until December, and you’d need to save $125 per week. That’s a big difference that can have a real impact on your stress levels this holiday season.

Happy, Stress-Free Holidays at Ayres Hotels

It’s easy to stick to your holiday budget when you stay at Ayres Hotels. Our valuable amenities, convenient locations, and money-saving vacation packages make it easy to enjoy the Christmas season without overspending. Plan your holiday stay with us and take advantage of our Best Rate Guarantee. Book your holiday reservations today!
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