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Stress Free Tips for Moving to College

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It’s finally here…the summer before college move-in. Students are saying their last goodbyes to childhood friends and parents are trying to get in those final moments with their college-bound teens before the nest is empty. This milestone for incoming college freshman and their parents can be exciting, emotional, and hectic. Follow these stress-free tips to make college move-in a memory you will treasure forever.


Pre-move Tips

Sort Out Your Information

Before the packing begins, book a hotel room near your college and call the campus to find out all the logistics such as move-in time, room location, where to park, unpacking spot and tech info. Also, check with your dorm in advance to find out which items are not allowed, such as mini fridges, microwaves, or string lights.

Connect with Your Roommate

Give your roommate a call to connect and coordinate different move-in times. There is never enough space for roommates to move in at once. Make sure you give yourselves plenty of time to settle everything without being rushed. You should also discuss who’s bringing which sharable items like TV’s, microwaves, toasters, etc.


Resist shopping before you go. There are definite necessities you’ll need before your move, such as cleaning supplies, a hand-held vacuum, packing containers and a zip-up mattress cover, but it’s best to do the bulk of your shopping after you arrive. Often, you’ll end up buying stuff you don’t need…so try to hold off and make a larger shopping trip after you’ve moved in.

Gather Move-in Essentials

Collect all the items you’ll need to access when you first arrive and pack them on top. Many colleges offer carts, but they are few and far between so plan ahead by bringing a dolly or collapsible cart. Once you arrive, you’ll want to quickly access your dolly, cleaning supplies, scissors, tools and trash bags.

Condense, Condense, Condense

This can be daunting and take longer than you think, especially if you’re a pack rat and have years of stuff to sort through! Keep in mind that organizing a lifetime of belongings can be emotional…so give yourself plenty of time. Many students add unnecessary stress to the process by putting this off.

Start Packing

Dorm rooms are small, so don’t overpack! Figure out what you’ll use most and only bring the essentials. Forget about suitcases unless you’re flying and use trash bags and under-bed storage containers instead. Also, don’t bother with boxing your clothes…pack them on hangers, cover with trash bags and use rubber bands around the hanger tops to keep them together. When you arrive, your clothes will be ready to hang in the closet.

Move-in Day

Prep for the Day

Try and get a good night sleep and remember to eat before heading out. Bring some water bottles, snacks, and a cooler of food. It will most likely be a long day that moves at a fast pace, so you want to make sure you’re fed and hydrated. Also remember to dress for the temperature because it will probably be hot! Sneakers are a must so make sure to wear something comfy.

Start Early

Arrive at least a half hour before your move-in time to find parking and figure out your location. Then grab your cleaning supplies and head up with your mattress cover. Once you get the place cleaned up and the furniture arranged, you can start the move-in process.

Organize & Decorate

Place your pre-hung clothes in the closet, remove the trash bags and you’re all set. If possible, leave the rest of your stuff in the hall first. It’s much easier to visualize where to place your things without having containers all over the room. Once you have everything in its place, you can make the bed and start to decorate. Don’t stress about making everything perfect in one day, take a few days to adjust things until the room feels right.

Relish the Moment

Amid all the craziness, try to relax and enjoy your time. This is a monumental day for families so take lots of pictures and try not to stress out. Stop and take a moment to share with your teen how proud you are of their accomplishments. If you feel like your words may come with a stream of tears, consider writing a special note to leave with them for later.

Stay for the Weekend

If your student agrees, make it a family affair and stay for the weekend. There’s no need to rush off after moving in your student. Consider immersing yourself in the college atmosphere to get a feel for your child’s new home away from home. Most colleges have fun activities planned for move-in weekend, so you can share in the excitement with your student.


Looking for the perfect place to stay? Book a room near the Ayres Hotel location near your college. We are currently offering special rates for families and visitors of college students and a free breakfast to enjoy before you start your day. We understand the importance of this memorable move-in weekend and we’re here to assist you with a stress-free and relaxing environment.

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