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Get Ready for Some Chill Time - Hammock Day

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Grab your favorite hammock and find a couple shady trees because National Hammock Day is just around the corner. Every year on July 22, Hammock Day is celebrated as a symbol of leisure, rest, and relaxation. This year Hammock Day falls on a Sunday, so it’s the perfect time to commemorate a day of relaxation. Here are some of our celebration suggestions…

How to Celebrate

1. Set up your hammock

Find your favorite hammock and two sturdy, conveniently located trees or poles. Then hop in your hammock to kick back and chill in a cool shady spot.

2. Grab your favorite towel and head to the beach or park

No Hammock? No problem! Pack a picnic lunch and head to the nearest beach or park for a day of rest and fun in the sun!

3. Chill on the couch or a backyard lounge chair

Improvise by relaxing on the couch or in your favorite backyard lounge chair. You can catch up on your reading, listen to some tunes or take a long nap. After all, the whole point of the day is to celebrate the art of relaxation.

4. Plan a staycation weekend getaway

Give us a call to book a room at an Ayres Hotel near you. Come join us to celebrate by relaxing at the pool, enjoying our full-service breakfast, and perhaps booking a spa day.


Benefits of Hammock Day 

Unplugging- Participating in this national holiday allows you to unplug and get some time away from your computer or smartphone. Go outside and take in some fresh air and if you must bring along your phone, turn on your favorite playlist and turn off the ringer.


Once you’re relaxing, you can indulge in some stress-free sleep. Whatever your method of celebration, you can take the opportunity to grab a midday nap, which increases alertness, performance, and can help improve your mood.


Taking the opportunity to get some me time will benefit both your work and your personal life. Self-care is vital to a healthy lifestyle and celebrating National Hammock Day will give you the chance to take a break and recharge.

Interesting Facts About Hammocks

· Early hammocks were woven out of tree bark or fibers from the Sisal plant.

· They were developed by the natives of Central and South America for sleeping.

· Later they were used aboard ships by sailors for comfort and to maximize space.

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