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The Los Angeles Indie Improv Festival: Provoking Lots of Laughter

About 1 year(s) ago by Ayres Hotels

From August 12th to 13th, come to the Los Angeles Indie Improv Festival, where you are guaranteed to laugh uncontrollably as the event’s wonderful performers take to the stage.

The indie improv scene has become increasingly popular in Los Angeles. In fact, each week the city enjoys over sixty shows and hundreds of improv teams arouse immense laughter from their audiences. As a result, the LA Indie Improv Festival wants to celebrate these comedic voices and provide them with an environment to connect with one another.

The Los Angeles Indie Improv Festival was founded by some of LA’s independent improv show runners and has greatly expanded since it was founded five years ago. It is also worth noting that the Los Angeles Indie Improv Festival works year round to host events such as dance parties, panel discussions, and comedy shows with popular comedians. So, in addition to this upcoming festival, ensure that you attend one of their other highly entertaining events!

The LA Indie Improv Festival prides itself on running on donations alone. When you attend their events, there is no admission fee -- simply donate what you can to enjoy their wonderful performances. All of the donations accumulated at these events are allocated to the festival to fund theatres, food, drinks, promotional materials, original artwork, and anything else that will help Los Angeles’ comedic voices.

The festival is guaranteed to make you laugh. Best of all, it is free, fun, and informative -- the perfect concoction for a wonderful event.

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