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Morning of Motivation

About 3 year(s) ago by Hotel
A few weeks ago, our own Don Ayres III visited with the students at the Collins School of Hospitality. Speaking with the ambitious young scholars left an imprint on Don as these are the future of hospitality. The students seemed to enjoy meeting with Don as much as he enjoyed meeting with them. 
Being the out-of-the-box thinker that he is, Don first posed this question to the students - Are we always motivated? Of course, most answered with a resounding no. It was humbling to Don to see that these young students grasped reality. This question set up the subject of the discussion perfectly. Identifying the direction of the discussion, Don asked another question. Which is more important; Motivating ourselves or motivating others? In Don's words,"Both go hand in hand". 
Being in hospitality, we learn how to encourage belonging, making positive impacts on our guests, and the importance of working for people and not companies or organizations. The students seemed to have a firm grasp on these concepts and were eager to express their opinions on articles presented during the discussion. Don went around the circle and each young scholar expressed their path, goals, and expectations of their future in the hospitality industry.
Don walked away feeling humbled by the energy at Collins School, stating that he felt a sense of shared community as both he, the entire Ayres team, and the students at Collins School of Hospitality are all working toward the same goal of finding our calling to help others both in work and in life.
Don Ayres III would like to thank Anna Lara and John Gilbert for their support. He would also like to thank the students who took part in the Morning of Motivation discussion on April 10th, 2015. 
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