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The Ayres Family Before Hotels

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Where It All Began Before Hollywood consisted of bright lights and busy streets, the main attraction of California was the climate and oranges.  But for Frank H. Ayres, his wife, and young son Donald, a $2 train ride brought him to Los Angeles to explore land development.  After successfully buying eight small ranches in the Mid-Wilshire area for an Ohio employer, Frank decided to form his own company, Frank H. Ayres & Son.  It was 1905.

Frank H. Ayres

City of Angels Don Ayres, Sr. joined the company during the roaring ‘20s.  At this time movie business had become an established industry in Los Angeles creating a large demand for lots and homes.  The father and son combination increased the businesses productivity while maintaining the family tradition of quality, value, and service.  The foresight and perseverance that Frank Ayres had was the foundation behind entire communities in the Los Angeles area such as Santa Monica and Westchester.

View of the first group of stores erected in Westchester - Corner of Sepulveda Blvd & La Tijera

Diversifying the Business After World War II was over, the housing boom began.  In 1957 Don Ayres, Jr. joined the firm concentrating on developing subdivision communities.  With Don Jr entering the firm, it provided the firm to broaden the developmental range, while sustaining the tradition of quality land development.  With Frank, Don Sr., and Don Jr. all in the business the company was set for exponential growth in a wide range of development areas.  In the coming decade, the Ayres firm would become a well-recognized company, developing characteristic homes in well-planned areas between San Fernando Valley to San Diego.

One of the sub-community Don Ayres Jr. developed.

Ayres Hotels Begin Don Jr. noticed the rising demand of hotels in the Southern California area.  After a trip to Europe with his daughter, he developed the concept of European boutique hotels.  Homes by Ayres had become a trusted name in the development industry and Don Jr. began using its success-proven formula in building hotels.  The first property opened in 1984, since then the Ayres have continually adapted to the changing needs of its industry, but never straying away from its core of friendly service, cleanliness, and the value of the Ayres brand in hotels.
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