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Ayres Team Member Spotlight: Fabiola Alonso

About 4 year(s) ago by Hotel

Our new series, the Ayres Team Member Spotlight, will allow us to focus our attention on Ayres Team Members whom display the “Ayres Way” in the workplace as well as their personal daily lives. At Ayres Hotels, we adhere to our mantra that we care about people, we value teamwork, and we deliver results. Each month we will bring a team member of ours into the limelight with our Spotlight series. These exceptional team members perform above and beyond their titles and exhibit the Ayres Way to each guest and team member they encounter. This is just a small token of our appreciation to the behind-the-scenes team here at Ayres Hotels.

fabiola2Fabiola Alonso, Chef at our Ayres Hotel Laguna Woods, is our first team member we are shining a well-deserved light on. Fabiola truly captures the essence of delivering five-star guest service with a warm smile! In 2001, shortly after Ayres Hotel Laguna Wood’s grand opening, Fabiola joined the Ayres family. From the very beginning, Fabiola displayed the values with which the Ayres reputation is synonymous. She pours her love for the Ayres family and guests into each meal she prepares. Some consider Fabiola and her teams’ breakfast to be one of the best served in the entire Ayres Collection! Her creativity in the kitchen has brought many of her own original items to our menu. A couple of her scrumptious and tantalizing specialties are her breakfast burritos and corned beef. Fabiola is constantly maintaining a creative edge to ensure each guest, new and frequent, has a wholesome meal to start their day!

fabiolakidsThe Matthews Family, frequent guests of our Hotel Laguna Woods, can attest to Fabiola’s infectious smile and poise with which she runs the kitchen. The Matthews have stayed at our Hotel Laguna Woods for years. Fabiola, as well as the rest of our team at the property, have watched the families’ two children grown over the years. The children lovingly refer to our hotel as “The Fabiola Hotel”. Fabiola always makes it a point to spend time with the family over the delicious breakfast that she prepares daily. Not only has Fabiola made a lasting impact with the Matthews children but she has made a difference to another young one during a recent trip to Las Vegas. She noticed parents in distress as they realized their baby was not breathing from being swaddled a bit too tight in the frigid weather. After asking the parents if she could assist, she immediately started performing CPR on the child for an astonishing 10 minutes! The baby luckily regained consciousness with Fabiola’s quick response and actions.

Fabiola is truly a gift to the Ayres family and to the entire team at Laguna Woods. We extend our most sincere appreciation for all that she does and look forward to many more years with her in our family!

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