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A Welcome Addition to Orange County Restaurants and Dining

About 8 year(s) ago by Hotel

ORANGE, California – Bringing decades of professional experience and a palate pleasing cuisine to the table, Tom Smith opened his newest restaurant, Café 3737, at the Ayres Inn in Orange, California on November 17th, 2010.  A Culinary Institute of America graduate and life-long food service professional, Tom honed his skills in the bustle of New York City and was rewarded with top-rated chef status in the late 80’s. This professional experience easily allowed him to segue into award – winning restaurant owner in the 90’s, and Café 3737 continues his tradition of culinary excellence.

Using only the freshest ingredients, Café 3737 offers mouth-watering meals exuding the comfort of home cooked fare as well as those gourmet meals that offer the feeling of a night on the town. From the hot and delicious Famous Fried Chicken to the succulent Grilled Filet Mignon, Café 3737 has something for every guest to enjoy.

The Café 3737 ambience lends itself to the dining experience as well, being both comfortable and chic. Tom strives to create “memorable” meals that cater to “every need, want, or whim” a guest may have. The service staff is well-trained and knowledgeable, so it can be assured that each Café 3737 guest will always be treated with “professionalism and dedication.” A delectable dining experience now awaits at Café 3737 at the Ayres Inn.

Visit the Ayres Hotels online at www.ayreshotels.com or Click Here to visit Cafe 3737. 
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