Ayres Rewards


About 7 year(s) ago by Hotel

My porch in Indonesia and, of course, the coffee mug!
Hello and greetings from Don Ayres 3! Returning from a surf trip in Indonesia and coming back to work is not an easy task, but after some reflection and actually entering into our corporate office at Ayres Hotels is was not as bad as one might think. Surfing good waves in a warm and tropical place is very good and invigorating for an old guy like me, but returning to work at Ayres Hotels is also an invigorating place to come back to. You see I love our team at corporate and our teams at our hotels. We are all engaged in caring about people, valuing teamwork and delivering results. We have fun at work here. Our goal is to keep our guests satisfied and happy. We are so lucky to be able to serve them. I will return to Indonesia hopefully the same time next year (and hopefully for a month) and then I will be back to work again, and I thank God for a wonderful place to work here at Ayres Hotels.
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