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The 8th Annual Ayres Hotels of Southern California Executive Housekeeper Meeting took place last week and sported the theme "Express Yourself!" or, "Espresso Yourself" for those coffee nuts out there. Sporting a black, white, and pink theme and caffeine spiked offerings such as chocolate covered espresso beans and espresso ice cream, both Tia Mireles, our Director of Quality Assurance, and Mrs. Janet Ayres definitely ensured the energy levels at the meeting would be off the charts! The Executive Housekeeper Meeting is a fantastic opportunity for our Executive Houskeepers and Housekeeping Supervisors to come together and share ideas, learn new tricks of the trade, and be recognized for their contribution to the Ayres Hotels team as well as their service to our guests. It is also their opportunity to have a little (ok a LOT) of fun. And did they ever! We started the morning by crowning our QUEEN OF CLEAN. This is the Executive Housekeeper who has had the strongest performance in various important areas of Housekeeping at the hotels and this year the crown went to Dioselina Nunez of Ayres Hotel & Spa Moreno Valley. Congratulations are due to her and her team for an outstanding year.

Janet Ayres, Dioselina Nunez, and Don Ayres Jr.
The Crowning of a Queen As the day moved on, more coffee was consumed, more laughter was heard, and the men and women in attendance blew everyone away with their vast knowledge and fantastic ideas for keeping the Ayres Hotels as wonderful an experience for our guests as possible. There were many awards to be had, including our grand prize of $500.00 that went to Elizabeth Nunez from Ayres Suites Yorba Linda. The icing on the cake that was this day was, by far, the team building game that ended the day. Since the day was all about expressing yourself, we figured what better way to do that than by making animal noises! Each person was given the name of an animal and was told to make that animal's sound. The object of the game was to find the other animals making the same sound as you while blindfolded. As you can imagine, it was quite a crazy house in that room with all those animal noises, but, to their credit, our Executive Housekeepers and Supervisors were not only excited to play a game at the end of a long day but even STAYED when they found out what the game was! So three cheers for our amazing Executive Housekeepers and Supervisors! You are all truly appreciated!

Elizabeth Nunez and Janet Ayres
Our Executive Housekeepers getting rowdy!
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