Ayres Rewards


About 8 year(s) ago by Hotel
As you all know we love us some Groupon here at Ayres Hotels. Not only do we offer them occasionally ourselves (Ayres Hotel & Spa Mission Viejo and Ayres Hotel & Spa Moreno Valley anyone?), but we also love to share them amongst ourselves. I’ve often heard a high pitched “Ooooo. Look at what you can get on Groupon today!” around the office (and that’s just from the guys). Suffice it to say there are some Groupon groupies wandering around the Ayres community!
Carol Morrisey, Sales Manager at Ayres Hotel & Spa Mission Viejo, segued her love for Groupon into POLO LESSONS of all things (3 lessons for $69.00! Gotta love it!). Carol says, “It was such a thrill getting my athletic competitive side out. I really did quite well! The setting was beautiful and I am now hooked.”
Although word has it from Carol herself that the “hooked” part didn’t come from the delicious smell of sweaty horses alone but from the delicious and handsome convertible Bentley driving gentleman who asked Carol to attend his polo club in Poway with him. She will be there in two weeks!
Groupon to polo to polo loving mystery man. Apparently Groupon and Ayres Hotels make a magical match!
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