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About 7 year(s) ago by Hotel
Hibernation time is over! Wake up all you winter sleepy heads and start prepping for the gloriousness that is the spring! Along with flowers, showers, and allergies comes the delicious urge to travel, to move, to shake our way out of the cold winter rut we’ve been feeling.  So, the question is, where are you headed this spring? (Or, more precisely for you collegiates, this spring BREAK!)
Check out the internet and you’ll find a million and one Top 10 Places To Go This Spring lists, but what you will find common to 999,999,999 of them (aside from references to bikini contests and Mexico) is that the Southern California area is a smoking place to be for the spring season.  Like you needed to be told that, right?  Not only does SoCal offer copious amounts of sunshine, but we are home to all the crazy fun amusement parks (Disneyland, Six Flags, Knott’s Berry Farm), the world famous zoos (San Diego!), the crazy celebrities, all the glorious beaches (Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, need I continue?), award winning sports teams (Angels, Dodgers, Ducks, Chargers, Lakers, Clippers) and so many artistic pursuits (Pageant of the Masters anyone?). There’s nary a boring time to be had, more fun in the sun than you can possibly handle, and Ayres Hotels has a location close to any and all of these sweet California spring loving activities at a cost that will still allow you to actually PARTAKE in them.
So what are you waiting for? Pack it up and come out to the Wild Wild West already! 
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