6th Annual Irvine Film Festival

About 11 month(s) ago by Ayres Hotels

The 6th annual Irvine Film Festival will be returning on Saturday, January 21st to Sunday, January 22nd. The internationally acclaimed festival will feature a red carpet, widely recognized judges, and welcomed film submissions from all ages.

Check out a few of the official 2017 selections and discover where you want to be.

Feature narrative:

  • Te Ata – Director: Nathan Frankowski
  • Slipaway – Director: Julia Butler and Daniel Mentz
  • Tatara Samurai – Director: Yoshinari Nishikori
  • The Tribe – Director: Roxy Shih
  • The Last Inhabitant – Director: Jivan Avetisyan
  • End of Fall – Director: Joselito Seldera
  • Living With the Dead – Director: Christine Vartoughian

Feature documentary:

  • Daze of justice – Director: Michael Siv
  • Arreo – Director: Tato Moreno
  • Death by a Thousand Cuts – Director: Juan Mejia Botero
  • The Islands and the Whales – Director: Mike Day
  • The Longest Road – Director: Jennifer Salcido & Matthew Charles Hall
  • Off the Rails – Director: Adam Irving
  • Crows of the desert – Director: Marta Houske
  • Mommy's land – Director: Garret Atlakson
  • Nana – Director: Serena Dykman
  • I Voted? – Director: Jason Grant Smith

Short documentary:

  • Frame 394 – Director: Rich Williamson
  • The Mute's House – Director: Tamar Kay
  • Nobody Dies Here – Director: Simon Panay
  • The Bus Trip – Director: Sarah Gampel
  • Brillo Box – Director: Lisanne Skyler
  • Blood of the Martyrs – Director: Erik Lohr
  • Becoming Cyborg – Director: Katya Berger
  • Joshua Tree: Threatened Wonderland – Director: Bill Wisneski
  • American Dreams – Director: Ned McNeilage
  • Soy Cubana – Director: Jeremy Ungar
  • Chris Bianco: I Used To Say Never – Director: Brandon Barnard
  • Coalville Gold – Director: Ross Bolidai

Feature screenplays:

  • The Dance of a Quiet Soul Lost in Thought by John T. Frederick.
  • Psyche by Timothy Charles Melkus
  • Sanctuary by Scott Pittock
  • Eke’Bolos by Stephen E. Settle
  • The Experiment by Jeffrey Allen Russel & Lynda Lemberg
  • Devil’s Valley Justice by Harold L. Brown
  • Behold by Tom Cavanaugh
  • Hunters Pointe by Scott Liapis.
  • South of Good by Randall Reneau.
  • Three Hundred Years in Paradise by Stephen Graf.

Purchase tickets online in advance or in person on the day at the venue. Festival seven-day passes, single day passes, general admission, and other packages are all available.

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