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6th Annual Irvine Film Festival

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The 6th annual Irvine Film Festival will be returning on Saturday, January 21st to Sunday, January 22nd. The internationally acclaimed festival will feature a red carpet, widely recognized judges, and welcomed film submissions from all ages.

Check out a few of the official 2017 selections and discover where you want to be.

Feature narrative:

  • Te Ata – Director: Nathan Frankowski
  • Slipaway – Director: Julia Butler and Daniel Mentz
  • Tatara Samurai – Director: Yoshinari Nishikori
  • The Tribe – Director: Roxy Shih
  • The Last Inhabitant – Director: Jivan Avetisyan
  • End of Fall – Director: Joselito Seldera
  • Living With the Dead – Director: Christine Vartoughian

Feature documentary:

  • Daze of justice – Director: Michael Siv
  • Arreo – Director: Tato Moreno
  • Death by a Thousand Cuts – Director: Juan Mejia Botero
  • The Islands and the Whales – Director: Mike Day
  • The Longest Road – Director: Jennifer Salcido & Matthew Charles Hall
  • Off the Rails – Director: Adam Irving
  • Crows of the desert – Director: Marta Houske
  • Mommy's land – Director: Garret Atlakson
  • Nana – Director: Serena Dykman
  • I Voted? – Director: Jason Grant Smith

Short documentary:

  • Frame 394 – Director: Rich Williamson
  • The Mute's House – Director: Tamar Kay
  • Nobody Dies Here – Director: Simon Panay
  • The Bus Trip – Director: Sarah Gampel
  • Brillo Box – Director: Lisanne Skyler
  • Blood of the Martyrs – Director: Erik Lohr
  • Becoming Cyborg – Director: Katya Berger
  • Joshua Tree: Threatened Wonderland – Director: Bill Wisneski
  • American Dreams – Director: Ned McNeilage
  • Soy Cubana – Director: Jeremy Ungar
  • Chris Bianco: I Used To Say Never – Director: Brandon Barnard
  • Coalville Gold – Director: Ross Bolidai

Feature screenplays:

  • The Dance of a Quiet Soul Lost in Thought by John T. Frederick.
  • Psyche by Timothy Charles Melkus
  • Sanctuary by Scott Pittock
  • Eke’Bolos by Stephen E. Settle
  • The Experiment by Jeffrey Allen Russel & Lynda Lemberg
  • Devil’s Valley Justice by Harold L. Brown
  • Behold by Tom Cavanaugh
  • Hunters Pointe by Scott Liapis.
  • South of Good by Randall Reneau.
  • Three Hundred Years in Paradise by Stephen Graf.

Purchase tickets online in advance or in person on the day at the venue. Festival seven-day passes, single day passes, general admission, and other packages are all available.

Ayres Hotel & Suites Costa Mesa is the closest Ayres accommodations for the festival.

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