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A Guide for Planning Your Next Picnic

About 1 year(s) ago by Ayres Hotels

Whether you wish to enjoy a gourmet feast or a simple, laid-back lunch, eating outdoors requires preparation. From packing the necessary condiments to deciding on the optimal containers to transport your food, we have created an all-encompassing list to ensure you will have a successful picnic this summer.


  • Food

Generally, it is most convenient to pack simple foods, such as sandwiches, that you can eat without utensils. However, if you prefer something more gourmet, it is important to ensure that it will not create a mess and that you have the proper containers to transport it.

Ice Packs or Bags of Ice

Certain foods can spoil if they are not kept at a proper temperature. You will also want to bring some form of ice to keep your beverages cold as the weather will most likely be warm.


Ideally, you should pack bottled waters or juices on a picnic for convenience purposes. However, if you wish to bring a drink like coffee or tea, you can also transport such beverages in a thermos.


You can purchase small, individual packets of common condiments like salt, pepper, ketchup, or mustard rather than lugging around a large container of each.

Cups, Plates, and Utensils

Depending on your preferences, you can pack reusable dishware, or paper/plastic ones that you can easily dispose of once you finish your meal. If you choose reusable dishware, ensure that you place dirty dishes in a bag after using them so that they do not dirty your picnic bag when you pack everything up. Furthermore, in terms of utensils, aside from forks, knives, and spoons, you may also need serving utensils.

Corkscrew or Bottle Opener

If you plan to indulge in an alcoholic beverage during your picnic, make sure you have a means of opening your bottle.


It is very likely that you will encounter some sort of mess or spillage during your picnic, which is why it is good to have some napkins on hand.

Trash Bags

When you eat outside, it is important to keep the area where you ate clean and trash free. Bring some garbage bags in case there is no public trash can. This will allow you to properly dispose of your waste once you return home.


Your blanket should be large enough to fit both your fellow picnic goers and all the food you prepared. It is best if you can find a light-weight blanket to make transporting it easier.

Picnic Basket

As long as it is large enough to hold all your picnic necessities, you can use a traditional picnic basket, a tote bag, or even a backpack.

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