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Art Awakens this Summer

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The Pageant of the Masters – one of the world’s finest and most unique productions – comes to life from Thursday, July 7th to August 31st on a nightly basis at 8:30 p.m. Laguna Beach’s Festival of Arts will be hosting the highly recognized, artistic creation at their outdoor amphitheater with their professional orchestra, original score, live narration, elaborate sets, sophisticated lighting, and hundreds of volunteering.

The Pageant of the Masters is a ninety-minute stage show of “living pictures,” featuring delicately detailed and incredibly accurate art-recreations of classical and contemporary art with real actors posing to mirror their counterparts in the original pieces.

This year, the pageant’s theme of “Partners” seeks to tell the stories created by famous artist collaborations.


Act One

· The Garden of Eden, Rubens/Breughel

· Ball at Manzanares’ Edge, Francisco Goya

· A Meal After the Hunt, Nicolas Lancret

· The Musical Contest, J-H Fragonard

· The Kiss on the Hand, G. Induno

· Crystal Perfume Bottle, H. Hoffman & Co.

· La Belle de Nuit, Edmond H. Becker

· Butterfly Brooch, Gaston Lafitte

· Roger and Angelica, Antoine-Louis Barye

· Self Portrait in Studio, Carl Larsson

· Outdoors in the Summer Winds, Carl Larsson

· Lewis & Clark at Three Forks, Edgar S. Paxson

· Lewis & Clark , Leo Friedlander

· Lewis & Clark Memorial, Robert Scriver

· Lewis & Clark – An Evening…, Thomas Lorimer

· Wright Brothers Flight, Phillip Von Saltza

· Top Hat, RKO

· Holiday Inn, Paramount

· Broadway Melody 1940, MGM

· Singin’ in the Rain, MGM

· An American in Paris, MGM

· La Fontaine des Mers, J.I. Hittorf

Act Two

· Dream of a Sunday…, Diego Rivera

· On the Borderline…, Frida Kahlo

· Detroit Industry, Diego Rivera

· Don Quixote & Sancho Panza, Lorenzo C. Valera

· Laboratory Sketch, Madame Lavoisier

· Lavoisier and His Wife, Jacques Louis David

· Tomb of Archduchess Maria, Antonio Canova

· The Dancers, Harriet W. Frishmuth

· Tea, Henri Matisse

· Bathers, Paul Cezanne

· Portrait of Nick Wilder, David Hockney

· American Collectors, David Hockney

· The Angelus, Jean-Francois Millet

· The Last Supper, Leonardo da Vinci

Experience one of the world’s most famous, refined experiences of fine art. Purchase tickets online for a nightly viewing. In addition to being a part of this live display of artistic history, a ticket to the Pageant of Masters also allows access to the Festival of Arts’ Fine Arts Show. It is hard to resist two sophisticated cultural showings for the price of one admissions ticket.

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