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Bookworms Unite: OC Children's Book Festival

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Calling all Orange County bookworms! The 13th annual OC Children’s Book Festival will be taking place on Sunday, September 25th. The literary fair will welcome guests from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa.

The festival will host over 125 authors, more than 25 illustrators, and dozens of storytellers. There will be over 135 exhibitors, including booksellers, education providers, and literary organizations.

The Festival presents five stages of exhibitions, including the all-time favorite called the PBS-SoCal Storytellers Stage. Professional storytellers from the South Coast Storytellers Guide, authors of young children’s books, and entertainment for toddlers to young readers are all featured in this popular book festival stage.

Featured 2016 authors:

· Alane Adams: The Legends of Orkney

· Walter Andal: Finance 101 for Kids

· Kishma Anthony: Dylan’s Big Surprise at the Doctor

· Alba Arango: The Decoders Series, et al

· John Archambault: Toot! Toot! Quack! Quack

· Michelle Beber: Angels, Angels Everywhere

· Stasie Bitton: December’s Gift

· Norman Brown: The Scroll of Suratican

· Tiffany Catledge: Mixed Me

· Tyler Christensen: Bryan the Scarecrow…

· A.J. Cosmo: The Monster That Ate My Socks, et al

· Rod Davis: Out on a Limerick

· Leslie B Duval: Too Big to Lose

· Peggy P. Edwards: Alfabeto Crossover Alfabet

· Mary Ann Eisenberg: Aly Rutherford Series

· Gary Favello: Elephants Wearing Pajamas?

· Karen Fernandez: ABC Trace and Say Alphabet Book

· Sheri Fink: The Little Rose, The Little Gnome, et al

· Jenna Flowers, Ph.D.: Conscious Parent’s Guide to Coparenting

· Jenni Garrick: Pigs & Strawberries

· Maggie Grinnell: David & Rusty’s Pirate Adventure

· Rebecca Guerrero: The Mighty Advertures series

· Jake & Laura Gosselin: The Pinkaboos

· Jen & Hans Hartvickson: Mister Lemur Series

· Joshua Hauke: Tales of the Brothers Three

· Michael Hernandez: Magic Workshoppe

· Sylvia Lieberman: Archibald’s Swiss Cheese Mountain

· Marlana Liburdi: The Happy Hearts Books

· Lori R. Lopez: An Ill Wind Blows

· Miranda McPhee: Wikidly Awesome Travels

· Stacy Merrill: Joshua’s Quest

· Michael Mullin: GemiKnight Press

· Cindy Murray: The Adventures of Sophie and Scottie

· Adam T. Newman: How to Catch a Cold; … Fight a Cold

· Jackie Neypes: Just Indian, et al

· Chris Ortega: The Obiis Series

· Dan Paley: Luigi and the Barefoot Races

· Pamela Jill Patee: It’s a Colorful World

· Brent Poppen: Hugs by Brent

· Emma L. Price: ELP Books

· Chris Robertson: Harry and the Hot Lava

· Shawnhessy Rodriguez: Poppy Series, Daddy Deploys Series

· Diane Rogers, Ph.D.: Stand Tall; Emerge

· Icy Smith: Mystery of the Giant Masks

· Vickie Taylor: Zew Fari Books

· Sylvia Berenfeld Tencer: Holbox Speaks

· Michael Thal: Koolura and the Mayans, et al

· Phillip Van Wagoner: Could You Hug a Cactus?

· Lisa Wiehebrink: Love Me Gently

· April Halprin Wyland: New Year at the Pier

· Dawn Wynne: I Remember When…

· Veola Vazquez: Nickel Nuisance

· Frans Vischer: Fuddles and Puddles

Whether you’re a parent hoping to welcome their children into the expansive world of literature, an educator looking for inspiration, or a book lover yourself, join the annual Orange County Children’s Book Festival for a day of creative craze.

Ayres Hotel & Suites Costa Mesa is a ten-minute drive from Orange Coast College where the festival takes place.
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