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Dinosaurs Become Unextinct at the LA Zoo

About 2 year(s) ago by Ayres Hotels

It’s the moment that none of us would have ever imagined... Dinosaurs from the Mesozoic era will be “coming back to life” for a limited time only at the Los Angeles Zoo & Botanical Garden.

The exclusive Dinosaurs Unextinct exhibit will allow guests to come face-to-fact with 17 mighty animatronic dinosaurs. Out in previously off-limits corners of the zoo, encounters with these prehistoric creatures will offer all a chance to have incredible photographs and invite guests to join a fossil dig that will give an insiders’ look at what it is like to uncover clues about these once-living dinosaurs. The exhibit is currently running and will be on until October 31st.

Discover a Stegosaurus robot that has controls for guests to operate the creature’s every move and a towering Pachyrhinosaurus that visitors can climb.

The self-guided exhibit takes visitors into an adventure to a colossal time through forest that resembles the era’s foliage. The journey begins with an encounter with a Suchomimus from the Cretaceous period some 110 million years ago, a Brachiosaurus from the Jurassic period 156 million years ago, two Coelophysis dinosaurs from the Triassic period 210 million years ago, a Citipati from the late Cretaceous period, and a carnivorous Carnotaurus from the late Cretaceous period. Other featured dinosaurs include an Edmontonia from the late Cretaceous period, the iconic Triceratops from the Cretaceous period that occurred 72 million years ago, and the alpha Utahraptor from the Cretaceous period 124 million years ago. And of course, what is a true dinosaur exhibit without getting to see a Tyrannosaurus – or T-Rex – at its most powerful glory. Not only does the exhibit allow curious adventurers observe individual dinosaurs, but it also shows dinosaur families in their natural habitat. The families include a Dilophosaurus and baby Dilophosaurus as well as a Diabloceratops, its baby, and a Diabloceratops nest.

For iPhone and Android smart phone users, guests can download the free app called “Dinosaurs: Unextinct at the LA Zoo” to access 3D “augmented reality” content to further enhance your visit.

The exhibit not only hopes to help humans learn about dinosaurs’ past, but to also support visitors to see the connection between these creatures that have become extinct and animals now living that are currently threatened to become extinct as well. The exhibit strives to show ways where the public can play a role in preventing extinction for our planet’s precious animals.

Dinosaurs Unextinct is open at the zoo from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and costs $5 in addition to the zoo admission fee.

A short drive from Ayres Hotel Manhattan Beach to the Los Angeles Zoo & Botanical Gardens is a little less than an hour.

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