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Explore California's Rich History at the Hilbert Museum of California Art

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Ever since its opening in 2016, the Hilbert Museum of California Art at Chapman University has been dedicated to showcasing the “California Scene” painting movement that started in the 1920s.  The museum prides itself on being the first to be completely dedicated to displaying California scene and California representational art. The Hilbert Museum hopes that by showcasing this style of art, the amazing artists who produced this work will be more widely recognized for their achievements.


The museum’s collection includes a wide variety of oils, watercolors, sketches, and lithographs of rural and urban scenes, coastal views, farms, ranches, freeways, and landscapes of everyday life in the Golden State. The collection also includes animation and movie art, and works by famous American illustrators.


Since California is a state with a very unique landscape, the art displayed carries a distinctive style. It features local towns, cities, harbors, houses, ranches, cars, trains, and people going about their everyday lives. More importantly, the collection as a whole demonstrates the changes that occurred within California since the 1920s.


The Hilbert Museum is also pleased to announce the opening of three new exhibitions: “Golden Dreams,” “Out of the West,” and “Disney Production Art.” These recently opened exhibitions feature acclaimed artists such as, Emil Kosa Jr., Lee Blair, Millard Sheets, Phil Dike, Fletcher Martin, Rex Brandt, Eyvind Earle, Phil Paradise, Milford Zornes, and many more.


Visitors who have already experienced this wonderful collection have given the Hilbert Museum excellent reviews. For instance, one tripadvisor reviewer wrote, “this jewel of a museum offers a glimpse of a long-gone California in vibrant colors and haunting scenes.” Another tripadvisor reviewer offered similar praise: “this is an extensive, well curated, well explained collection of 20th century California representational artists.” With such positive reviews, you want to ensure you have the opportunity to visit this wonderful museum.


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