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Explore Laguna Coast Wilderness Park

About 1 year(s) ago by Ayres Hotels

Laguna Coast Wilderness Park contains forty miles of trails featuring scenic oak and sycamore woodlands as well as some of the last remaining coastal canyons in Southern California. When you visit the park, you too can experience the stunning landscapes that visitors have admired for hundreds of years.

Witness the Coastal Sage Scrub community, which covers hilltops and slopes, along with patches of Native Valley Grassland and Maritime Chaparral. Or, as you explore the canyons, you will encounter riparian habitats lined by willow, oak, and sycamore trees. Additionally, as the winter weather approaches, after a plentiful rain, the ephemeral streams spring to life. There is so much beauty to behold at the park that you will not want to pass up on a chance to visit.

Upon visiting the park, there are a wide array of activities to participate in. Whether you choose to hike, mountain bike, run trails, or ride horseback, you will experience miles of beautiful landscapes. There are also regularly scheduled guided tours (both foot and bike tours) available. These expert-led tours focus on a variety of interests -- from fitness to botany -- and are a wonderful way to explore the park. The Nix Nature Center also allows visitors to view the park through exhibits and wildlife viewing area portals. At the center, you and your family can partake in scavenger hunts and educational programs about animals, American Indian customs, and more.

Laguna Coast Wilderness Park is also a part of the Natural Community Conservation Planning Program, which is designed to protect rare and endangered species. The program preserves large tracts of Orange County’s rapidly disappearing Coastal Sage Scrub community, such as mule deer, long-tailed weasels, bobcats, red-tailed hawks, and much more.

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