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Halloween Party Ideas for Children

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Hosting a Halloween party for children does not have to be scary or frightening. With a few themed games, music, and crafts, you can certainly entertain your young guests. Below are some suggestions for making your party the perfect balance of spooky and fun!

Watch a Kid-Friendly Halloween Movie

You can pick a Halloween-themed movie and go all out with everything from movie tickets, a concession stand, and popcorn. If your guests are younger, then opt for non-scary Halloween movies. But if you have an older crowd, you can screen something with just the right amount of scare.

Halloween Crafts

There are so many Halloween crafts your children can make. Whether you organize a traditional painted pumpkin, or have them decorate trick or treat bags, your guests will certainly love these hands-on activities.

Bake Halloween Snacks

What’s even better than Halloween candy? Baked goods straight from your own kitchen. Another activity is to have the kids at your party bake some Halloween-themed treats. You can purchase Halloween themed cookies cutters or pre-bake cupcakes and have your guests decorate them.

Halloween Games

If you want to incorporate some Halloween-themed activities, below is a list of some great games to entertain your guests!

· Wrap the Mummy: Divide children into groups of 3 to 5 kids and select one child in each group to be the mummy. Give the other children a roll of toilet paper and instruct them to wrap the mummy with the paper (leaving the eyes, nose, and mouth uncovered). The first group to finish their roll of toilet paper wins!

· Halloween Freeze Dance: Traditional freeze dance, but with Halloween party music. Play the music and when you turn off the music, tell everyone to hold their pose. Anyone who moves is out and the last child standing wins.

· Pass the Pumpkin: Arrange children in a circle on the floor. Give them a small pumpkin to pass around while you play some Halloween music. When you stop the music, whoever is holding the pumpkin is out. Continue until only one person is left.

Pumpkin Penny Toss: Carve out a large pumpkin, making a wide opening at the top. Give each child a handful of pennies. Have them stand an appropriate distance from the pumpkin and try to toss the pennies in, one at a time. For each successful toss, give the child a small piece of Halloween candy.
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