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How to Have the Perfect Valentine's Day Getaway

About 10 month(s) ago by Ayres Hotels

Planning a romantic getaway for Valentine’s Day? To help you capture the romance and create wonderful memories, below are some tips to help you plan your trip.

Plan an Activity

Partaking in an activity with your significant other can bring new energy into the relationship. Whether it is a pastime you both enjoy, or something entirely new to you both, experiences that you can share will strengthen your relationship. If you are in a colder climate, consider going skiing or visiting local breweries. In warm weather destinations you can take a yoga class on the beach or go for a scenic hike. Regardless of where you go, make sure the destination you choose offers something that intrigues you both so you can find something enjoyable to experience.

Traditional Valentine’s Day Emblems of Love

It is not too cliche to scatter rose petals over the bed or to order a bottle of bubbly champagne and gourmet chocolates. After all, these are timeless romantic gestures. You can call in advance to see if your hotel offers any of these traditional signifiers of romance -- in fact, you will find that most hotels are able to arrange champagne or flowers. You can also book a romantic couples massage to further indulge your loved one.

Unplug & Connect

All devices should be set to silent and put away. Nothing can kill the mood more than scrolling away on your newsfeed. This is your time to connect and grow closer -- your best friend’s Facebook status update can wait.


You do not have to travel to an exotic destination thousands of miles away to have a memorable day. If you are in the California area, Ayres Hotels provide the perfect setting for Valentine’s Day as their luxurious rooms offer a romantic ambiance. Hotels such as Ayres Hotel Manhattan Beach, Ayres Hotel Chino Hills, Ayres Suites Diamond Bar, and Ayres Hotel Yorba Linda all offer Valentine’s Day classics like wine, chocolate, and rose petals -- let Ayres’ exceptional staff handle the details while you enjoy your time together.

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