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The Making of Candy Canes at Logan's Candies

About 11 month(s) ago by Ayres Hotels

Each December, Logan’s Candies hosts candy demonstrations for the public. Come and witness the craftsmanship and care that goes into all of their handmade, gourmet candies. Best of all, you will even get to try some of the sweat treats after they are made!

Jerry, the head candy maker at Logan’s, has been making candy for over thirty nine years, but the store itself has been open since 1933. It is remarkable that they continue to use the same recipe for the candy canes -- it’s too good to change! During the Christmas season, Logan’s produces around 80,000 candy canes and all are handmade, exactly as shown in the demonstration.

If you are planning to attend a demonstration, it is best to arrive early. During the holiday season, the small stores fills up fast and you have to cluster around the glass window to watch the candy being made. If you are tight for time, it is also recommended that you pay for a ticket to receive a warm candy cane in advance (costs $3) so that you do not have to wait in a long line once the demonstration is over.

The impressive candy-making demonstration lasts about forty five minutes and you get to witness a yellow blob of corn syrup being transformed into a beautiful white and red treat. You will also get to hear about the history of the candy cane during the demo.

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