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Ways to Beat the Heat in Los Angeles

About 1 year(s) ago by Ayres Hotels

As the summer heat simmers in Los Angeles, everyone is looking for an escape that will help them stay cool. Here are some great activities and tips to help with the heat:

Beach Trip

Los Angeles County has 81 miles of beautiful beaches and since beaches are usually 20 to 30 degrees cooler than inland temperatures, it is the ideal retreat.

Visit a Museum

There are over 230 museums and historical homes to visit in the Los Angeles area, so you will be sure to find a place that interests you.

Bus Tours

A bus tour is the perfect way to relax in a cool, air conditioned vehicle while learning about all Los Angeles has to offer.

Boat Tours

Another way to stay cool on the water without getting wet is to take a boat tour. Boat tour options range from private gondola tours of inland canals to dinner dance cruises and harbor tours.

Enjoy a Movie

When in Los Angeles, one of the movie filming capitals of America, you can visit one of the classic Hollywood movie palaces like Disney’s El Capitan, which will allow you to experience the movies like never before.

LA Shopping Malls

Although most LA Malls are constructed as outdoor malls, the shops themselves are all air conditioned, which will allow you to stay cool as your browse for new finds.

Water Parks

If you are seeking an adventurous way to beat the heat, a water park allows you to play in the sun while staying cool as you drench yourselves on the various attractions.

Indulge in Frozen Treats

A hot summer day is the perfect time to treat yourself to some ice cream, frozen yogurt, smoothies, or all of the above!

Attend a TV Show Taping

When in Los Angeles you are sure to find a game show or daytime talk show taping. On particularly hot days, the television staff try to move the waiting lines indoors so you can enjoy the air conditioning.

Since Los Angeles temperatures can be quite extreme, we have also compiled a list of precautions and tips to keep in mind to stay safe and healthy:

Drink cold water (even if you are not thirsty): it is possible to become dehydrated without evident symptoms. You should also avoid alcohol, caffeine, and other dehydrating drinks.

Avoid strenuous physical activity: if temperatures become too high, avoid any unnecessary physical activity as this can lead to heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

Know the signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke: some symptoms of heat exhaustion include, muscle cramps, excessive sweating, weakness and fatigue, skin that is pale and clammy, headaches, dizziness or confusion, fast and shallow breathing, nausea and/or vomiting, and fainting. With a heat stroke, the body’s temperature control system is disabled and the affected person stops sweating. He or she can also become confused, dizzy, develop a throbbing headache, and/or have a rapid or strong pulse before becoming unconscious. If you or someone you know if exhibiting any of these symptoms, seek help immediately and move to a cool place if possible.

Protect yourself from the sun: wearing light colored clothing and a hat can help keep you cool.

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