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Advice for Traveling During Thanksgiving

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Every year millions of Americans set out to join family and friends to celebrate Thanksgiving. Embarking to your destination during this time of year usually means overcrowded airports, delays, and poor sanitation. But traveling to spend this special day with your loved ones does not have to be stressful and chaotic. Below are some tips to help you reach your destination with ease.


Look for Packaged Deals

If you are trying to be economical, try to book your flight, hotel, and car reservation together as this can save hundreds of dollars.

Fly on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday

Although the airports will certainly be full on Thanksgiving day, recent trends show that Thursday has the lowest recorded number of delays (in comparison to flying out a day or two before Thanksgiving). So try catching an early flight so you get your full of turkey! Black Friday also proves to be a good day to return home because most people spend this day shopping.

Avoid Tuesday

Flying the Tuesday after Thanksgiving is the worst day of the week to plan your departure. Fares are usually higher and you can also expect delays.

Getting Through Security Quickly

When you reach security, avoid getting in a line with a lot of children or with travelers who appear to have over packed as this can cause significant delays. If you are in a rush, you can also ask the Transportation Security Administration agent which line is moving the fastest to help you use your time more efficiently.

If Your Flight is Canceled, Do Not Wait on Line

If your flight happens to get canceled, you will most likely waste a significant portion of time waiting in line for a ticket agent to rebook you. A better option is to call your airline.


Prioritize Hygiene

Ensure you wash your hands as often as possible while traveling because you will likely be coming into contact with many strangers, some of whom may be carrying illnesses or viruses. You can also take extra precautions by carrying a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you. The holidays are not a time you want to get sick.


Check Your Credit Card Advantages

Many credit card companies now offer lounge access, trip cancelation, and delay insurance, as well as concierge service. Be informed about what benefits you are entitled to so your travel experience is even better.

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