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Holiday Travel Survival Guide

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Does travelling for the holidays stress you out? Do you ever wonder if there are some ways to make holiday travel easier? This article will explore three different categories of holiday travel tips to use during this year’s holiday travels.



AAA states that an estimated 94.5 million Americans will journey 50 or more miles during the holiday season, with about 6 million of them traveling by plane. With this large number of flyers it is best to adhere to the following tips for the best airport experience. 

Flying Tip #1: Book Smart

Book your flight as early as possible, this will be the least expensive and will help you plan your trip. If you are a procrastinator and haven’t found a flight, leave your name, number, and e-mail address with airlines to notify you of any cancellations. There will definitely be last minute cancellations and airlines will need people to fill those seats.

Flying Tip #2: Arrive Early

They say better late than never, but never late is better. This might be obvious for airline travel, but be sure to arrive 90 minutes to 2 hours early. This will give you time to find parking, check your luggage, and go through airport security.

Flying Tip #3: Pack Carry-On in Layers

It’s hard to avoid the long line of security, but you can still make your turn go quickly by packing your carry-on in layers. Pack shoes at the bottom of your bag, on top of those place neatly folded clothes, after the clothes place all other items including electronics, toiletries, etc. on top. Make sure all electronic chords are organized so the TSA agent won’t be inclined to look through a messy bag.


The rest of the 88.5 million traveling people will be driving to their holiday destination. This clearly will cause an unsafe amount of drivers on the roads, especially during poor weather conditions depending on where you are traveling. Following these holiday travel driving tips will ensure you safe travels.

Driving Tip #1: Leave Early

Timing is everything when you are traveling for the holidays. It is best to leave a couple days early from the actual holiday to avoid the typical holiday traffic. It is also a good idea to leave very early in the morning when it is still dark. By doing so you will avoid traffic, and if traveling with children, they will most likely sleep the whole way.

Driving Tip #2: Check Vehicle Safety

Before you leave, inspect your car’s fluids and tire pressure. Fill up the night before, because nobody leaves time to get gas in the morning. Check that your heater is in working order and double check your battery. Also prepare an emergency roadside kit; the kit should include phone car charger, blanket, flashlights, first aid kit, jumper cables, and drinking water.

Driving Tip #3: Bring Snacks

Not only will bringing snacks help you stay healthy and avoid gas station snacks or fast food options, it will also help you from making unnecessary stops and improve driving time. Have every member of your family choose two healthy snacks to stash in their bags; this will keep everyone satisfied in case you get stuck in a traffic jam. Some smart snacks to bring include nuts, granola bars, apples, baby carrots, dried fruit, trail mix, or dark chocolate. 


So often we over-pack and burden ourselves with superfluous items in our luggage. For those avid over-packers, here are some tips that will help you save time and space during the holiday travel madness.

Packing Tip #1: Pack Light

You may think you need to bring that sweater or pair of jeans “just in case,” but you don’t! If you limit yourself to a carry-on or to only one bag, you’ll pack more efficiently and avoid airline fees and check-in lines if you are flying. Since shoes take up a lot of space, be sure to also restrict yourself to only 2 pair.

Packing Tip #2: Limit Electronics

Figure out which of your electronics you will be using the most, and also remember that your smart phone is pretty much all of them wrapped into one neat little package. It can take pictures, videos, check your email, and be your entertainment. If you are one of the few in this day and age that does not have a smart phone, be sure to evaluate which electronics are really necessary. After all, these electronics do come with accessories and chargers that only add to the packing madness.

Packing Tip #3: Pack Strategically

Pick neutral colored items that can be mixed and matched easily. Simple accessories can dress up certain items and help you take your look from day to night quickly. You can even plan your outfits for each day so that you do not bring pointless items that only take up space and add to the packing stress of fitting too much into your too little carry-on. Traveling for the holidays does not have to be stressful. As long as you plan ahead and prepare for anything, you will be able to avoid the madness of last minute planned holiday travel. So don’t put off or avoid seeing your family for Christmas or New Year’s Eve (unless that was your plan all along!) and travel with a plan with this Holiday Travel Survival Guide! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
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