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How to Avoid Theft When You Travel

About 1 year(s) ago by Ayres Hotels

Anyone who has traveled has undoubtedly worried about having their money stolen as they navigate new, unfamiliar territories. When venturing to a new place, it becomes even more difficult to detect thieves. To help you keep your money safe and secure while traveling, we have provided some tips for you to follow.


Keep Your Money in Different Places

Whenever possible, divide your cash, and even credit cards, into multiple safe spots. When you keep all your money in a single location, you run the risk of losing it all to a thief. To implement this strategy, you can keep some money on your person and some in a handbag or backpack.

Favor On-Body Storage

There are now many clothing accessories that allow you to properly hide and secure your money. For instance, you can keep your money safe by storing it in your bra, underwear, and built-in pockets. Storing money in such places makes it increasingly harder for thieves to access and is a good option if you do not have a secure place to store your valuables.

Have Small Bills Easily Accessible

You will be more of a target if a potential thief spots you whipping out a $100 bill to pay for a souvenir that costs $5. Ensure that you have small bills on hand so you can easily and quickly pay for inexpensive items. In the same regard, store larger bills somewhere that is less accessible so you do not run the risk of having it stolen.

Use a Decoy Wallet

If you are traveling to a place that is prone to pickpocketing and muggings, consider purchasing an inexpensive wallet and filling it with small bills. In case you encounter a thief or mugger, you can hopefully trick them into stealing your decoy wallet rather than your real one.

Lock Away Your Valuables

One of the best ways to avoid being robbed is not to carry any money that you do not need. If your hotel provides a safe, store any money or valuables that you will not need that day there.

Carry Two Different Credit Cards

It is best if you carry two different credit cards in case one is lost or stolen. The cards should also be issued by different payment networks, such as Visa or MasterCard.

Use ATMs Located Within Banks

Opt for an ATM inside a bank rather than a stand-alone machine, which is more likely to be outfitted with a skimmer that can steal your card’s information.

With this advice in mind, hopefully, you will have a safe, enjoyable trip, free of theft.

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