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Mission Impossible: Managing Fitness and Health while on Vacation

About 1 year(s) ago by Ayres Hotel

Vacation is certainly a time to relax and indulge, but your next getaway does not have to completely derail you from your health and fitness goals. It can be extremely tempting to abandon your healthy meal plan or lounge around all day, but the following guidelines and tips are intended to help you stay on track!

Find a Form of Exercise

Many people falsely believe that they are limited with the types of exercises they can perform on vacation. Even if you accommodation does not have a gym, there are countless ways to fit in your daily exercise. No matter where you are, you can perform a body weight workout (no equipment needed). Best of all, this type of exercise can be performed anywhere – from your hotel room to the white sand beaches.

Many vacations involve time at the beach or the pool, which are two great places to fit in your next workout. Swimming is a fantastic way to fit in some cardio and is a great exercise since it works your entire body. Similarly, at the beach you can fit in a scenic run.

Perhaps there are other forms of appealing exercises at your travel destination. Many companies offer bike tours, or you can even partake in outdoor activities such as kayaking. With so many possibilities, there is no excuse to skip your daily workout.

If your day truly is packed with sightseeing and you really do not have time for a full workout, make sure that you walk to all your sight seeing destinations to keep your body active.

Pack Healthy Snacks

Instead of ordering fries or chips when your stomach starts grumbling in between meals, pack some healthy snacks from home in advance to fend off temptation. Snacks such as protein bars, jerky, nuts, and protein powder are all easily portable and can be particularly useful in places like the airport, where nutritious options are very limited.

Make Healthy Substitutions

While on vacation, you should be able to eat out and enjoy a delicious meal. Of course, some meals are extremely calorie-dense since they come with heavy sauces or fried sides. When possible, ask to substitute these less healthy options with healthier ones. Does you dish come with a side of French fries? Ask for steamed vegetables instead. Simple substitutions such as these can save you a lot of calories (sometimes even enough that you can still fit a dessert into your diet).

Stay Hydrated

Traveling, especially in warm climates, can dehydrate you. When your body is deprived of fluids, it can mistake thirst for hunger. Even slight dehydration can make you turn to food instead of what you really need: water. So before you reach for the food, think back to how much water you drank throughout the day.

Find a Balance

While it’s important to be consistent with your training and healthy eating lifestyle, it is equally important to have a balanced lifestyle. Make an effort to incorporate physical activity and nutritious food choices into you routine, but do not be afraid to occasionally waver from your plan. Life is also about enjoyment, so find a balance that works best for you!

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