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Plan Your Next Trip with These Top Travel Apps

About 1 year(s) ago by Ayres Hotels

Arranging your travel destination, flights, itinerary, accommodations, and dining plans can be intimidating for even experienced travelers. Thankfully, we live in the modern era of travel apps that can help make planning your next trip far less complicated. Below are some well-rated apps that we recommend you use for your next adventure!

Planning Apps:

· Google Trips: all you need to register for this application is a Gmail account. You can easily make reservations or search for tourism activities to partake in during your stay.

· Guides by Lonely Planet: Lonely Planet guides are a fantastic and reliable way to plan a trip to a new city. Guides for each city can be downloaded and accessed from your phone. These guides contain great suggestions for sightseeing and local hotspots.

Flight Apps:

· Flight Stats: with this application you can enter your flight number to receive instant updates about terminals, gates, and delays.

· Dealray: this airfare tracker finds low-cost flight deals and sends notifications when it detects significant price drops, error fares, or flash sales. This app costs $9.99 per month.

· Skiplagged: allows you to find “hidden city” one-way tickets with a stopover where you get off the plane instead of continuing on to the next ticket (which is often cheaper than nonstop fare).

Dining Apps:

· Grab: if you are short on time, Grab allows you to look at airport restaurant menus ahead of time, map them in the terminal, and, in some locations, order in advance and pick up your food on your way to the gate.

· Happy Cow: lists vegan and vegetarian restaurants in nearly 10,500 cities worldwide. Each restaurant listing contains a short menu description and visitor reviews.

· Velocity: if you want to visit the most popular restaurants in your destination, this is the app for you!

Hotel Apps:

· Chatnbook: once you have entered your destination, dates, and preferences, the app will match you with hotels that meet your requirements. If you like a hotel, you tap the green thumbs-up, and if you don’t like a hotel, you can select the red thumbs-down. All the hotels that you gave a “thumbs up” to will then contact you.

· Dayuse.com: if you have a long layover, this app lets you book a hotel room for a few hours to take a shower, a nap, or just to relax. Dayuse offers hotel rooms for up to 75% off regular nightly rates.

· Hostelworld: this app is ideal for anyone looking for the affordable and social hostel experience.

This list, of course, only contains a small fraction of all the useful travel apps out there. No matter what your need, you are guaranteed to find an app that will help make planning your next trip much easier. Furthermore, we would also like to mention our very own Ayres Hotel App. Our app, which is now available for free on the Apple Store and Google Play, not only makes booking with us more convenient, but it also allows you to earn rewards point that you can later redeem for free nights at any of our gorgeous hotels.
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