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Travel Strategies for Business Travelers

About 1 year(s) ago by Ayres Hotels

There are countless businessmen and women who are privy to the secrets of being frequent fliers. Whether they are earning miles on their credit cards or avoiding simple hassles while traveling, these well-traveled citizens know the ins and outs of making travel easy and stress-free.

If you are a frequent flier who has yet to master the art of travel, below is a list of compiled tips from the experts:

· Maintain a Positive Attitude: when constantly faced with delayed flights, packing and unpacking, and sleepless nights on planes, it is easy to become frustrated. However, if you remain positive and optimistic in the face of this adversity, your experience could significantly improve. For instance, instead of snapping at the airport staff, treating them with courtesy and respect may land you an upgrade or another perk that you would not have otherwise received.

· Limit Luggage to Carry-Ons: worrying about lost luggage or wasting precious time waiting for your luggage to appear on the ever-daunting conveyor belt is not worth the stress. This is particularly true if you are on a strict schedule and do not want to squander your time waiting for your luggage. If you solely use carry-on luggage, you are guaranteed to have all your belongings with you as soon as you step off the plane, which will minimize the time you spend inside the airport.

· Use Technology to Plan: you can easily view and manage your flight seating with websites such as “Seatguru.com.” Websites such as this allow you to view your airplane’s seating plan in advance and even provides information about seats with extra legroom, in-seat power ports, and where the bathrooms and emergency exits are located. Furthermore, if you want to grab a bite to eat when you arrive, you can also pre-book reservations with “Opentable.com.” This will ensure that you do not waste time waiting to be seated.

· Join a Rewards Program: if you are a member of a reward or loyalty program, you will receive additional perks. Such benefits often include early boarding on flights, priority hotel rooms, and first-class upgrades.

· Dress to Impress: it has been proven that people who appear well dressed and wealthier receive better service.

· Store Customer Service Numbers in your Phone: keeping customer service numbers readily available allows you to quickly contact the right people if your flight is cancelled or if you need to change a reservation. Rather than waiting in line, you will save time and arrive at your destination sooner.

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