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Traveling with Children Tips & Tricks

About 5 year(s) ago by Hotel
Are you nervous about traveling with your children? Are you wondering how to travel with your children while remaining stress free? This article will offer some tips & tricks for traveling with your children for your next family vacation.

Flight Trip Tips

A. Pack Light -- Not every child needs a carry on, pack only what you NEED in carry-ons and check everything else. B. Time Management -- Remember everything takes a lot longer with children! Take stopping for bathroom breaks, walking, pushing a stroller and carrying bags into account. C. Traveler Information – Know policy and do your research. Know exactly how many bags you can take, their allowed size, weight, and acceptable items allowed in carry-ons. D. Prepare Activities -- Make sure you bring some form of entertainment for your children. If they have a personal back pack, fill it with books, pens, crayons, coloring book, journal, and headphones for any on flight entertainment.

Road Trip Tips

A. Food -- If your child gets motion sick, don't feed them anything fatty, fried, or dairy. But don't let them travel on an empty stomach either. Fruits, vegetables, pastas, and breads are perfect for road trips. Pack snacks to have every couple of hours. Some ideas include trail mix, nuts, and crackers. B. Take Frequent Breaks -- Take a pit stop every couple of hours for children to stretch their legs and burn off some energy.  C. Supplies -- Pack plenty of water, a first-aid kit, a car phone charger and a flashlight just in case. D. Entertainment -- Bring a portable DVD player that can mount on the seat, a road trip scavenger hunt, car bingo, favorite toys or games. Use a cookie sheet as a hard surface for drawing or for art actives as the edges will help keep supplies from falling.

Budgeting Tips

A. Free activities -- Beach, parks, walks, libraries, and museums are free for the most part or will have children rates. B. Lunch -- Make lunch your biggest meal, it'll get you through the day and is always less expensive. C. Transportation -- Rent bikes for the day or a couple days and cycle from one site to the next. You will save on buses/taxis/rental gas and get to see areas of the place you are visiting that you wouldn't normally see. D. Behavior Allowances -- Let your child show you how good they can be with behavior allowances. Allow them a certain dollar amount they can spend on souvenirs for behaving well, this will not only keep you on budget but will also enforce good behavior.

Hotel Tips

A.  Safety -- Always deadbolt and use the top lock when you enter your hotel room and at bedtime to prevent hallway wandering and accidental nighttime exploration. B. Baby Proof-- Most hotels are for adults or business travelers, be sure to bring the baby proofing "comforts" of home to prevent accidents. C. All You Can Eat-- Book a hotel that offers complimentary breakfast and evening snacks. Some hotels even let children eat for free so shop around! D. Cleanliness and Organization -- Keep the hotel room clean. Make a special space for each item and even bring a pop up hamper for dirty clothes. Preparation and organization are key with any travel plans, especially in the case of family travel. Be sure to let your children know your expectations; also be sure to prepare for anything that may come your way. You'll be happy you followed these tips when traveling with your children in the future.  
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