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Los Angeles, CA 2016

OtherWorkshop Descriptions Been to one or both workshops before? We emphasize different techniques and add our latest classroom insights each year. See what's new in 2016. Day 1: Daily 5 + Math Daily 3 Establishing Active Learning Behaviors as the Foundation for Your Classroom's Structure How to: 1) build stamina, 2) provide choice within structure, and 3) establish accountability through conferring and commitment tracking. Delivered by Gail Boushey and Joan Moser, this workshop helps you lead each student down her best learning path, supported by the Daily 5 and Math Daily 3 frameworks. What's new? Helping "barometer students" stay on their learning paths by creatively applying the 10 Steps to Independence. These are the children that struggle outwardly with stamina, choice, and independence. Math Daily 3. More on how to get started, manage your math block and facilitate small group and one on one instruction. After this workshop you will be able to: set the tone in your classroom for independent learning, structure literacy and math time so students work productively while you deliver differentiated small-group and one-on-one instruction; move all your students forward including those that struggle; recognize when it's time to shift behavior strategies and lessons; use your tracking system to save time; and create a structure for accountability within your classroom. The morning session focuses on The Daily 5 literacy method and the foundational concepts that guide best practice teaching; the afternoon session integrates the techniques presented in the morning and demonstrates how to apply them to math instruction through Math Daily 3. Day 2: CAFE: Fine-tune Your Practice Delivering Targeted Individual and Group Instruction through Continual Assessment Build on your working knowledge of the CAFE literacy system and Daily 5 classroom structure methods. This workshop provides a brief refresher of the fundamentals relevant to the day's topic, how to use assessment to: 1)
September 17, 2016
September 17, 2016
Atrium Hotel 18700 MacArthur Blvd. Irvine, California 92612 United States
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