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   Ayres Hotel & Spa Moreno Valley   Dec 16, 2012
Love the handicapped room on the 1st floor! It was marvelous to stay at a hotel that truly accommodates the handicapped. My husband and I travel a lot - he can walk but mostly rides in the wheelchair. Opening doors at most hotels is very difficult --- keeping them open even harder. Not at the Ayres... you open the door (swings out) and you roll in to the room - the door doesn't close on you!!!! Ayres' hotel doors to the lobby is automatic -- most hotels have doors that swing out - but you have to hold them open to get through--- Holding the door open and pusing in a wheelchair is difficult to say the least. Most hotel clerks will just stand there and watch you struggle. Not Ayres! The clerks are always very nice. P.S. When we travel in the Southern California area, we always try to stay at Ayres. Just wish there were more. And the beds --- oh the beds.... the BEST IN THE WORLD!