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   Allegretto Vineyard Resort Paso Robles   Apr 17, 2016
From the moment you enter the driveway of this stunning and majestic resort it is apparent that the detail that went into architectural design, landscaping and esthetics of virtually every element of the resort were meticulously thought out. Leaving guest with a sense that they have indeed entered somewhere quite extraordinary. This is a place where one can take a deep breath, relax and escape from the busyness of everyday life. A place to truly vacation and enjoy the splendor of somewhere peaceful, tranquil and very memorable. Allegretto seems to have it all and as we discovered, much more... There is a beautiful pool and hot tub area out near the vineyard, and although I wouldn't change a thing about the design which is wonderfully set up for congregating with friends, couples, families or just individual's wanting to relax, the one thing I would strongly encourage management to consider is to please- expand the pool hours. Currently the pool area is not open until 9am but most resorts open the pool and hot tub at 7am to accommodate adults who do early morning laps or just sit in the hot tub after using the gym. The 10pm close time is perfect since rooms are nearby, but the 9am opening is too late- especially since breakfast is closed at 10am. Whether you're wanting to grab a drink, snack, have dinner or start your day out with a delicious breakfast- you owe it to yourself to stop into the resorts restaurant- We had drinks and tapas when we arrived- everything was delicious and easy to share, and the staff was fun and inviting. For dinner we came back and Wow, amazing! There was something for everyone, dinner was well presented with nice portions, everything was fresh, colorful, and seasoned to perfection! The chef even came to our table, said hello, and asked how everything was-Wow! Breakfast was amazingly delicious and beautifully presented, Great staff too! Request- Please expand hours past 10am, especially on Sundays. Well enough said, enjoy!