Fun Facts About the Inland Empire

The Inland Empire has something for everyone and Ayres Hotels offers 8 locations throughout. Book your stay today and come check out what’s going on in the Inland Empire.

1. There’s No June Gloom
Southern California coastal cities are known for “June Gloom” at the beginning of every summer, but the Inland Empire never suffers from the gloom. Here you can enjoy the sunshine all summer long!

2. Host to the Best Musical Festival Ever – Depending on Who You Ask


The residents of the IE (or so it’s called by locals) claim one of the greatest music festivals. Coachella is one of the largest outdoor music events and brings in performers and music lovers from all over the world.

3. They Have the Sweetest Fruit Around
The Inland Empire was previously known as the Orange Empire, with orange groves for miles. Check out the Riverside Farmer’s Market, which is rated the best in the IE.

4. Home to the Largest Outdoor Amphitheater in the U.S.
San Manuel Amphitheater, located in San Bernardino, is a 65,000-capacity amphitheater in the hills of Glen Helen Park. They host many music festivals and boast a concert season that begins in March and ends in November.

5. Wine Tasting Galore

Temecula Valley Wine Tasting

Temecula Valley is Southern California’s Wine Country. They boast over a hundred different award-winning wines and something for everyone.

6. Route 66 Cruisin’ Reunion
Held every year in downtown Ontario, thousands of classic car lovers flock to one of the largest classical street fairs and classic car shows in the U.S. It draws over a half a million people from around the world.

7. They Soar Above the Rest
Temecula Valley Balloon & Wine Festival is a three-day event held annually and offers Hot Air Balloon Flights, wine and beer tastings, a kid’s faire, festival foods and over 150 vendors.

8. There’s A Movie Named After Them
That’s right! Inland Empire is a 2006 thriller written and directed by David Lynch and is set in the IE. Here’s a fun fact: not a single shot was actually filmed in the Inland Empire.

9.Epic Ski Resorts in the Desert

Big Bear

You might be shocked to find that the Inland Empire offers skiing so close to the coast, you can make it to the beach in the same day. With ski resort locations in Big Bear, Wrightwood, Mt. Baldy and Running Springs, you can ski in the morning and surf in Orange County in the afternoon.

10. The Mountains Are A Hiker’s Dream
There are several locations throughout the Inland Empire for excellent hiking. Trails range from forested mountains, desert canyons, lush grasslands, palm oases, and panoramic vistas. Don’t worry, you’re chances of being attacked by a bear in the IE are pretty slim.

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