Thanksgiving Dinner

Tips for Planning Thanksgiving Dinner with Less Stress

Planning Thanksgiving Dinner: Tips for Less Stress & No Drama

Expectations are high during the holidays, which means they usually fail to live up to the happy scene we’ve imagined. Family drama, new traditions, and cooking for a crowd can add up to a stressful experience. Discover how to avoid the misery by proactively planning Thanksgiving dinner.

How to Plan Thanksgiving Dinner

  • Let go of the past. 2017 isn’t like any other year. Families change, divorces happen, teenagers go vegan and refuse to eat turkey. Insisting that Thanksgiving traditions stay the same forever is a sure recipe for a sour meal.
  • Prepare as much in advance as you can. Review your menu to see what can be made in the days before – or even in the weeks before, and frozen.
  • Allow extra time. Whether you are cooking, decorating your table, or picking someone up at the airport, everything takes longer than you think it will during the holidays.
  • Recharge your batteries. With all the commotion of the holidays, it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself. Be sure to give yourself what you need to feel relaxed. Enjoy a little me-time before guests arrive, a pre-holiday massage, or a quiet cup of cocoa with extra whipped cream.
  • Book a hotel room. Guests traveling from out of town? There’s no rule that says they have to stay at your house. Everyone will be more comfortable if they stay nearby in a hotel.

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