Newport Beach

Top Five Spring Break Beaches in Southern California

We smell spring break right around the corner! And with it comes the tradition of shedding warm winter clothes in favor of trunks and itsy bitsy bikinis at the beach. Southern California is renowned for its numerous beautiful beaches and, since all of our hotels are in Southern California, we definitely have a spring break beach for you. Without further ado, here are our picks for the top 5 spring break beaches (in no particular order and based on a combination of beach beauty and surrounding activities).

1. Laguna Beach

If you’re looking to make your Spring Break fashionable, look no further than Laguna Beach. This beach is punctuated by an artist’s community that features art galleries, museums, restaurants, shops, and a host of events all year round. This Spring Break at Laguna Beach offers wine tastings, whale watching, reggae concerts and more. Everyone headed to SoCal should have a chance to check out this famous beach. Even Michael Jordan has been known to stop by and play a few hoops at the Main Beach. Now how can you resist?

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Laguna Beach

2. Newport Beach

In Newport Beach, you will find people from every walk and way of life, from hardcore surfer dudes all the way to the ritzy and glamorously primped and plucked! Mansions dot the beautiful coastline and a shopping district attracts just about everyone (we are looking at you Fashion Island!) And let’s not forget the beach – that gorgeous stretch of smooth, warm sand punctuated by the white cap that crashes to the shore. The waves are also impressive and quite legendary. Newport Beach is home of The Wedge, where waves can get up to 30 feet high! Even those uninterested in spring break at the beach itself will find that the nightlife and surrounding activities are worth the journey (Balboa Island, etc.).

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Newport Beach

3. Venice Beach

This beach is home to the party animals and a very interesting, eclectic set. The picture speaks for itself. Need I say more?

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Venice Beach

4. Santa Monica

The Santa Monica Pier and Third Street Promenade help give this beach a little something special. Amusement park rides and candied confections welcome visitors as do the shops and stunning sunsets. Plan your Spring Break at the beach here and you are always just a few short minutes (ok – we are talking LA traffic so let’s agree on 30 minutes) away from the crazy nightlife of Los Angeles. We know you want more info. Take a gander here.

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Santa Monica Pier at Night

5. Manhattan Beach

Perhaps the least known of all of these beaches offers some of your best spots for killer cuisine. Downtown Manhattan Beach offers a slew of Zagat rated fine dining as well as small specialty shops for the discerning shopper. Those looking for live music and a unique getaway this Spring Break will find it here. Side note: Many don’t know that Manhattan Beach was also once simply sand dunes, so the sand itself is completely smooth and perfect for digging your toes into.

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