Ayres Cares Scholarship Fund

Up to $2,500 in Scholarships

We truly believe that education is of the utmost importance, and nothing would make us happier than helping you achieve your academic goals and realize your dreams.

Congratulations to our 2023 Ayres Cares Scholarship Award Winners!

$2,000 Scholarship Winner

Kevin Arango

$1,000 Scholarship Winners

Ethan Koshy
Vanessa Garcia-Cruz
Dalia Diaz
Israel Perez Pedraza

Chrystal Orozco
Philopateer Milad
Luis Aguilar
Katelin Rench

Additional Scholarship Winners

Yuelma Zavala
Sandra Gomez
Naomi Wells
Adrian Zamora Perez
Colin Ryan
Kenneth Leon
Veronica Flores
Ashley Cravalho
Daniel Burford
Jimena Cervantes
Julieanne Trujillo
Ryland Patti
Jocelynn Estrada
Nathaly Zelaya
Amanda Wilson
Laura Garcia
Abigail DePina
Ryan Dencker
Noemi Contreras
Reyna Alvarez
Christian Torres
Finley Hungerford
Alex Wassam
Michael Brown

Omar Acevedo
Elizabeth Ibarra
Delanney Cancino
Charlize Sou
Merlene Alonso
Tyler Stark
Micheal Eid
Macie Pinedo
Tristan Compton
Samuel Jaurez
Brooke Taylor
Alexandria Coggins
Calvin Seely
Mayzee Armstrong
Joshua Martinez
Stefan Pedrazza
Christina Ayala
Amy Mintun
Mauricio Diego
Cynthia Navarro
Kasia Radford
Carlos Islas
Sabrina Guzman
Dylan Griewank

  • Team Members employed with Ayres Hotels, Ayres Group or affiliated company who are in good standing and children or legal ward(s) of team members in good standing
  • There are no age restrictions.
  • Completed Ayres Cares Scholarship Application with ALL questions answered clearly. To avoid disqualification, applicant and/or team member signature is required.
  • Proof of enrollment in college, community college, trade school or vocational training. This is a standard item provided in college by Admissions & Records.