Ayres Cares Scholarship Fund

Up to $2,500 in Scholarships

We truly believe that education is of the utmost importance, and nothing would make us happier than helping you achieve your academic goals and realize your dreams.


Application Deadline: Tuesday, April 30th 2024

For questions or concerns, please contact Kirsten Reynera at [email protected] or 714-434-7802 

  • Team Members employed with Ayres Hotels, Ayres Group or affiliated company who are in good standing and children or legal ward(s) of team members in good standing
  • There are no age restrictions.
  • Must be enrolled in college, community college, trade school, vocational training, or certificate training program.

  • Completed Ayres Cares Scholarship Application with ALL questions answered clearly. To avoid disqualification, applicant and/or team member signature is required.
  • Proof of enrollment in college, community college, trade school or vocational training. This is a standard item provided in college by Admissions & Records.