The Carlsbad Flower Fields

Experience the Area’s Most Beautiful Attraction

There’s simply nowhere else on Earth quite like the Carlsbad Flower Fields, a breathtaking natural attraction — just six miles from our front door — that draws tens of thousands of visitors to its beautiful super-bloom every year. 

During peak blooming season (typically early March – early/mid-May) the Flower Fields explode into row after row of brilliant color, filling the air with a sweet seasonal perfume. Many locals don’t officially mark the beginning of spring until the fields’ fifty acres of Giant Tecolote ranunculus flowers signal that the season has truly arrived. Once the brilliant rainbow of colors explodes across the landscape, visitors begin to make their way toward the irresistible display of seasonal splendor to walk the rows and get an up-close look at the majesty of nature. 

While there, guests are treated not just to a fetching floral display, but also a wide range of family-friendly activities. Take an open-air antique tractor ride complete with an audio history of the fields. Pick your own blueberries from the on-site garden and take them home with you. Visit the Artist Gardens and Aviaries to check out rare birds and artfully arranged botanical exhibits. Learn about the history of America’s favorite potted plant at the 1,500 square foot Historic Poinsettia greenhouse. And don’t forget to stop at the gift shop to buy your own floral bulbs to grow at home! Make sure to secure your tickets while you can!

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