Housekeeping Supervisor

Job Description

Assist the Executive Housekeeper in maintaining the Ayres Housekeeping and Quality standards. Position will
provide supervision and direction for housekeeping activities on the Executive Housekeeper’s days off or as
directed by the Executive Housekeeper or General Manager.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities of the job include but are not limited to:

  • Knowledge, understanding, and adherence to Company Core Values, Mission Statement, and the Ayres Way.
  • Follow company’s Housekeeping Policy as stated in the Team Member Handbook.
  • Adhere to company “Lost and Found” policy and procedures.
  • Work closely, communicate effectively and perform duties assigned by Executive Housekeeper or hotel management staff.
  • Responsible for working in a safe/conscientious manner and maintaining a clean/safe working environment at all times based on company safety policies/procedures. Safely discard chemicals as indicated on the instructions.
  • Responsible for ensuring that all chemicals and laundry equipment are used according to the manufacture’s recommendations.
  • This position may require you to clean guest rooms, clean hotel public space, perform laundry functions, perform houseman functions or assist the hotel in anyway to ensure the guests have a clean establishment.
  • Perform inspections of guest rooms and public areas. Update computer & phone system with room statuses.
  • Perform housekeeping morning opening duties: print housekeeping morning room status reports, assign rooms to be cleaned, distribute master keys, conduct brief morning meetings informing team members of projects to be performed or any pertinent in-house guest requests.
  • Perform housekeeping closing duties: print closing reports, update computer statuses, collect master keys, inform team members of any changes for their following shift, complete discrepancy report, complete water inventory report, log lost and found items, and check forecast and schedule to ensure enough labor is staffed for the following day.
  • Address any Team Member conflicts and substandard work, document and resolve issues at the time of the occurrence. Inform hotel management of issues.
  • Notify maintenance or complete a maintenance work order immediately for any maintenance issues identified in the guest rooms or throughout the property.
  • Understand and adhere to hotel labor standards and adjust staffing as needed.
  • Complete Worker’s Compensation paperwork and procedures when a work related injury occurs.
  • Perform, maintain, and understand company deep clean standards.
  • Assist Executive Housekeeper with training of new Team Members.
  • Handle guest requests.
  • Contact guests with Do Not Disturb signs to determine if any amenities are needed or what time the guest would prefer the room be serviced.
  • Ensure the storage rooms remain clean and stocked.
  • Manage the laundry functions which include: ensuring that the appropriate linen is washed daily, the appropriate chemicals are used, and team members are trained according to company standards.
  • Conduct linen inventories as assigned by Executive Housekeeper.
  • Place approved linen orders.
  • Maintain necessary supplies to perform job duties and aid Executive Housekeeper with monthly supply counts or orders.
  • Assist the Executive Housekeeper in the review process for housekeeping team members by offering feedback on individual performance, attendance, attitude, etc.



  • High School diploma or equivalent preferred.
  • Experience in a hotel or a related field preferred.
  • Knowledge of writing, reading & speaking English language is helpful.

Physical Requirements:

  • Long hours are sometimes required.
  • Heavy work - Exerting up to 35 pounds of measured pull/push weight force, and/or 25 pounds measured push/pull weight force periodically while lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling carts and otherwise moving and maintaining objects
  • Ability to stand for entire shift
  • Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

Mental Requirements: 

  • Ability to convey information and ideas clearly.

Apply Aplicar

We care about your family and private time.

  • Paid Vacation *Full Time Status
  • Paid Sick Leave (24 hours to Part Time / 32 hours to Full Time)
  • Ayres Cares Adopt a Family Program
  • Fun Express Entertainment Discount
  • Sketchers Shoe Discount Program
  • Hotel Guest Room Discount

We care about your well-being.

  • Medical Plan
  • Dental Plan
  • Employee Assistance Program (WorkLife Matters)
  • Travel Connect

We care about your future.

  • Life Insurance
  • 401k Investment & Savings Plan (Part Time & Full Time)
  • Orange County Credit Union

We care about your success.

  • Paid Training
  • Housekeeping Mentor Program / Bonus

We care about teamwork.

  • Team Member Appreciation Events
  • Monthly Company Teambuilding Events
  • Cash Bonus Quality Assurance / Safety
  • Team Member Referral Bonus