Breakfast Fresh Start

All meals start with freshly made coffee or tea and orange juice.

Please select one of the following:

  • Classic Ayres Country Breakfast
    with three scrambled eggs and your choice of bacon or ham with roasted breakfast potatoes
  • Pancakes & Eggs
    2 fluffy pancakes served with scrambled eggs and roasted breakfast potatoes
  • Breakfast Burrito
    Flour tortilla filled with scrambled eggs, bacon, melted cheese and potatoes topped with ranchero sauce
  • Hot Oatmeal
    Large bowl of oatmeal served with sun-dried raisins, brown sugar, chopped walnuts and cream all on the side
  • Plain Yogurt
    With crunchy granola and mixed fruit on top
  • Toasted Bagel
    With cream cheese, butter, jelly, fresh apple and a granola bar

No substitutions please! For other items, you are welcomed to order off our regular restaurant menu at the prices listed.