Richard Nixon Library

Richard Nixon Library & Birthplace in Yorba Linda

Discover the life of the 37th  President of United States, Richard Nixon, a Yorba Linda, California native. The Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace is five miles from Ayres Suites Yorba Linda. Discover nine acres of beautiful rose bushes, palms, and flowering trees. The Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace grounds also host public concerts and special events. The Ayres Suites Yorba Linda offers comfortable accommodations for special events, weddings and retreats held at the Nixon Library and special group rates!

Richard Nixon Library

See an impressive collection of presidential materials, including 2,636 hours of the Nixon White House Tapes, photographs, films, audio recordings, textual files and presidential gifts at the Nixon Library. On display is the restored Army One helicopter, used by President Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon and Ford. The 16-seat helicopter retired from service in 1976 and was installed on the library grounds in 2006.

Richard Nixon Museum

A tour of the Richard Nixon Museum is a step back in time. Start in the auditorium with campaign films, news footage and Nixon television appearances. Museum exhibits feature over 50,000 pages of documents that were inherited by the federal government in 2007. Permanent exhibits include a 1967 Lincoln Continental limousine, reconstruction of Nixon's post-president office, and a replica of the Lincoln Sitting Room.

Richard Nixon Birthplace

Richard Nixon was born in Yorba Linda, California on January 9, 1913. The family built and lived in the 1.5 story house until 1922. It passed through a variety of owners and was even an elementary school until Nixon's birthplace was deemed a historic site by Yorba Linda in 1959. Docent-led tours let visitors come face to face with artifacts and materials that once belonged to the Nixon family.